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No one likes a slow and
unstable website.

Pingspace checks your site uptime every minute with real user monitoring and let you know when your sites are down.

Introducing Pingspace

Cost-effective website uptime monitor for your websites

Global Monitor from 8 Regions

Choose from 8 different locations to monitor your websites and API worldwide including China. We double check from multiple regions so that there is no false positives. (more regions coming soon)

Performance and Availability Metrics

Seamless integration to multiple notification channels such as Slack, email and SMS. Get alerts and react before your users even notice.

Real User Monitoring

Install a small JavaScript snippet and start collecting real user performance data such as sessions, page load time and time to first byte.

Availability Status Page new

Inform your users about your sites availability and performance data through the Public Status Page feature.
See a status page in action

Our Features

Site Monitor Every Minute

8 Regions Across the Globe

Real Time User Monitoring Insights

Email and Slack Notifications

Global Latency Monitoring

SSL Monitoring

Status Page

Weekly Report

Getting started in 3 simple steps

Start monitor and optimise your sites


Setup Site Monitor

Add a site monitor by filling in the website address. Select up to 10 monitor regions (more regions are coming soon!) and assign notification channels so that we can notify you whenever your sites go down.


Set Up Visitor Insights (RUM)

Copy and Install a small JavaScript snippet and start collecting user performance data such as time-to-first bytes, load time and sessions.


Analyse Performance Metrics

Start optimise your site by analysing your site's performance and availability metrics including response time, APDEX and global latency (More metrics are coming soon!) and deliver a better experience to your users!

Pay As You Go

We adopt flat pricing and charge according to how many monitors you have set up

we offer

Each Monitor


/ per month

  • 8 monitor regions across the world
  • Ping frequency down to 1 minute
  • 6 months of data retention
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Visitor insights
  • SSL monitoring
  • Unlimited E-mail & Slack notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Webhook notifcation
  • Status Page
  • Weekly Report (Coming Soon)
Free Trial for 30 Days