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  • SSL monitoring
  • Unlimited e-mail & Slack notifications
  • Webhook notifcation
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Pingspace?

Pingspace is an uptime monitoring tool that pings your websites and APIs every minute from multiple regions across the globe. It provides real time user monitoring metrics and alerts you whenever your sites goes down.

How do I cancel my account?

Talk to us via email or live chat, our website specialist will assist you guide you through.

What are our features?

Pingspace pings your sites every minute, offering 8 regions (including one from China) across the globe, real time user monitoring, ssl monitoring, global latency monitoring, weekly report, email and webhook notifications.

How's Pingspace different than others?

Pingspace are built with simplicity and usefulness in mind, trying to bring uptime monitoring, real time user monitoring and status page together as a single product. Our mission is to help you get valuable insights into your site’s performance and availability so that you can provide better experience to your user.

How do you calculate the usage of monitor?

Our payment system records monitor usage on pro rata daily basis. If you set up your account on 28th in July, only 4 days of the monitor usage will be charged.

What do you mean by free 30 days?

We offer FREE one-month trial for 1 website monitor. Credit will be deposited automatically after account registration. Invoice will be issued at the end of the second month.

Is the payment automatic?

Because we adopt pay-as-you-go pricing, we want to be as transparent as possible on monitor usage. You will need to proceed to Billing page each month after we have issued the invoice.